Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Sometimes....Friendship Hurts"

I have recently learned in life that you cannot trust everyone. Friends will come and go, and people change. There are not that many people left in this world that one could call a real friend. I have recently went through a terrible ordeal with what I thought to be one of my "best friends". She and I were friends for about 2 years but had a wonderful connection. It was as if we could finish one another's sentences and we laughed no matter where we were or what we were doing. But here within the last two weeks, I have pretty much cut all ties with her. The biggest problem we had were lies. I myself, try to be, to the best of my ability an honest person and I feel that honesty truly is the best policy. But with my friend, that we will just call Sarah, she could not be honest with me. There were so many lies that ruined our relationship, nothing really big, just small lies over and over again. At the end, I felt as if our friendship was based on little lies and I could not trust her at all. heart aches for her. I can truly say that I feel as if I have lost my best friend because in all reality, I have. People can only take so much of the lies before they just get tired of it, and do not trust at all. That is exactly what happened between she and I. So now I wonder, how does one get past that aching feeling?? Will it linger forever? I hope not. It is hard to just completely let someone go. But I have gave her numerous chances to make our friendship work and I feel like I am the only one I am done. I guess what I want everyone to know and think about is this: Be honest with yourself and others. If you have a there for him/her at all times but most of all be honest with them. Don't tell lies, even if they are small. Small lies hurt in the end just as much as big ones. Friendship is a blessing.


  1. I can relate to your story. i recently went thru the same thing with my best friend of 15+ years. it's not easy, but I truly believe people came in and out of your life with good reason. I wish nothing but the best for her, but life must go on!

  2. *HUGZ* to you....I truly think that so many people take advantage of the good-hearted people. Just remember that some people will come into our lives and quickly go and others will last forever...there is a lesson to be learned in every relationship we have so make it a learning experience.